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Imagine a world where you can compete at the toilet.

Here at Toiletrivia, we do extensive research on what you, the bathroom user, wishes to see in their reading material. Sure, there are plenty of fine books out there to pass the time, but none of them cater to your competitive needs. That’s why Toiletrivia is here to provide captivating trivia that allows you to interact with fellow bathroom users.

Each chapter allows you to keep score so you can evaluate your progress if you choose to go through the book multiple times. Or, you may wish to leave the book behind for others to play and keep score against you. Perhaps you want to just make it look like you got everything right, and leave a perfect scorecard behind for your fellow restroom users. We hope you leave one in every bathroom of the house.

The rules of Toiletrivia are simple. Each chapter has 30 questions, divided into 10 question sections…One Roll, Two Rolls, or Three Rolls questions. The One Rolls are easiest and are worth one point. Two Rolls are a bit harder and are worth two points. And of course, Three Rolls are the hardest, and are worth three points. You will tabulate your score on the scorecard near the end of the book. The questions we have selected are meant for dinner conversation, or impressing people you want to date.

With few exceptions, our queries are geared for the uncomfortable situations that life throws at you, like when you have nothing in common with someone, and need to offer some clever banter. We hope that the facts you learn in the restroom make it easier to meet your future in-laws, or deal with that hairdresser who just won’t stop talking to you.